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Species Description
Acacia acuminata                     Raspberry Jam Wattle WA Native Large shrub to 5m, golden rod flowers in spring. Drought and frost resistant, salt tolerant. Fragrant timber.

Acacia baileyana                              Cootamundra Wattle 

Small tree to 6m, silver-grey feathery leaves. Spectacular flowers July and August. Most soils. Hardy. Tolerant of frost, dryness and protected coastal areas.
Acacia baileyana                           Purpurea Cootamundra Wattle, slightly smaller in size, purple leaf form.
Acacia cyclops WA Native Tall spreading shrub, coastal planning. Tolerates some wetness, dryness, lime and salt soil.
Acacia extensa                               Wiry Wattle WA Native Small erect leafless shrub. Balls of yellow flowers winter, spring. Well drained soils. Tolerates some wetness and dryness. Usually frost resistant.
Acacia frimbriata                         Fringed Wattle Small tree with attractive weeping foilage. Profuse perfumed ball flowers in July-October. Hardy. Tolerates dryness, lime, frost and some wetness. Good dense screen plant.
Acacia glaucoptera                           Clay Wattle WA Native Small dense attractive shrub to 1.5m x 2.5. Red new growth, unusual foliage. Useful ground cover for open aspect. Ball flowers along stems in late winter.
Acacia howitti                               Sticky Wattle Pendulous dense large shrub to 6m, shiny light-green foilage, masses of lemon-yellow flowers in spring. Well drained soil. Tolerates salt, frost and lime.
Acacia iteaphylla                         Flinders Ranges Wattle Large weeping shrub to 5m, blue-green foilage, perfumed yellow flowers. Well-drained soils. Tolerates salt, drought, frost and lime.
Acacia melanoxylon                      Blackwood Wattle Graceful upright tree to 30m with dense foilage. Clusters of creamy flower-balls winter/spring. Best in rich soils. Shade, erosion control ,long-lived valuable timber tree.
Acacia myrtifolia                            Myrtle Wattle  WA Native Compact, rounded shrub 1 to 2.5m. Light, yellow flowers in spring. Most soils. Hardy. Tolerates dryness, lime, smog. Frost resistant.
Acacia pendula                               Weeping Myall  Small tree to 12m with silvery blue green weeping foliage, lemon-yellow flowers in winter. Medium to heavy well drained soils. Tolerates salt and lime soils. Good windbreak, fodder and firewood.
Acacia podalyriifolia                   Queensland Silver Wattle  Dense tall shrub to 5m, rounded silvery grey foliage. Dense flowers in mid winter. Any well drained soils. Fast growing, bird attracting.
Acacia pulchella                            Prickly Moses WA Native Small rounded shrub to 1m. Prickly foliage, covered with bright yellow ball flowers in winter. Jarrah understorey. Tolerates dryness, lime and frost.
Acacia rostellifera WA Native Fast growing spreading small shrub. Good screen. Sandy soils, tolerates dryness, lime and coastal exposure.
Acacia saligna                             Golden Wreath Wattle  WA Native Large shrub or small tree. Large ball flowers in spring. toleratesw dryness, lime and salt soil. Resistant to salt spray.
Acacia spectabilis                        Mudgee Wattle Fast growing upright shrub to 5m, slender weeping habit. well drained soils. Frost and drought resistant. Open screen or group planting. 
Acacia vesita                                  Hairy Wattle Beautiful small weeping shrub to 4m. Heavy clusters of flowers in spring. Well drained soils. Tolerates frost and dryness.
Acmena smithii                                  Lilly Pilly Medium sized bushy tree. White flowers in summer followed by pink edible fruit. Most soils.

Agonis flexuosa                            Willow peppermint WA Native Weeping dense small tree to 8m. Hardy plant, most soils. Tolerates lime, sandy soils and dry conditions once established.
Agonis junipernia                              Native cedar WA Native Upright columnar shrub to 5m. Prefuse white flowers most of the year. Good screen, very hardy and cut flowers. Most soils.
Agonis linearfolia WA Native Medium shrub to 4m. White flowers in spring, most soils, understorey and stream revegetation.
Agonis parviceps WA Native Medium to tall shrub 3-6m, white flowers in spring. Most soils. Tolerates wet conditions and frost.  Cut flowers.
Allocasuarina fraseriana                   W.A. Sheoak WA Native Large tree with dark green foliage. Well drained soils, sand. Tolerates dryness, lime and frost.
Allocasuarina huegeliana                Granite Sheoak WA Native Tree 4-10m. Dark fissured bark, tolerates dryness lime and granite.
Allocasuarina humilis                        Dwarf Sheoak WA Native Shrub to 1.5m.  Well drained soils. Tolerates sandy soils, dryness lime and frost.
Allocasuarina verticulata                Coastal Drooping Sheoak Rounded tree to 10m. Attractive drooping dark green foliage. Ornamental, windbreak. Tolerates salt and lime.

Alyogyne huegelii                           Native Lilac Hibiscus WA Native Fast growing rounded shrub to 2m. Soft foliage. Attractive large single lilac flowers in spring and summer. Most soils. Frost tolerant.
Anigozanthos flavidus                         Red Kangaroo Paw WA Native Tall spikes of rusty red flowers in spring and summer. Vigorous clumping plant. 1mx1m Most soils. Attracts nectar birds.
Anigozanthos flavidus                     Yellow Kangaroo Paw WA Native Yellow greenish flowers on tall, branched spikes in spring and summer. Vigorous clumping plant. 1mx1m. Most soils. Attracts nectar birds.
Astartea fascicularis WA Native Small spreading shrub 1x1.5m across. White or pink tea tree like flowers throughout the year. Most soils, damp areas. Hardy reliable plant.
Banksia species Limited number of some species available. Please enquire.
Beaufortia sparsa             WA Native Erect shrub to 3m, dark green foliage crowded along branches, striking scarlet brush flowers late summer and autumn. Well drained soils. Tolerates frost. Good cut flower.
Billardiera ringens WA Native Creeper or climbing plant with dense clusters of orange flowers turning red with age in spring and summer. Well drained soil. Tolerates lime and light frost.
Bossiaea linophylla                            WA Sun Bush WA Native Small shrub to 2m. Yellow and red pea flowers in spring. Hardy fast growing. Reasonable drainage. Good small screen.
Callistachys lanceolata WA Native Erect shrub or tree 2-7m depending on conditions. Yellow orange pea flowers Sept to Jan. Sandy soils, damp areas, along watercourses and swamps.

Callistemon citrinus                      Crimson Bottlebrush Large shrub or small tree 4m, dense foliage, massed with crimson flower in spring/summer. All soils. Tolerates salt soils, lime, water logging and pollution.
Callistemon phonecious  WA Native Shrub 2x1.5m with grey green leaves and brilliant red flower spikes 12cm long in late spring to early summer. Most soils. Hardy. Tolerates damp conditions.
Callistemon salignus                        Willow Bottlebrush Weeping shrubby tree to 8m with papery bark, creamy yellow flowers in spring and summer. Beautiful pink new growth spring. All soils, tolerates salt dryness and frost.
Callistemon speciousa/glauca             Albany Bottlebrush WA Native Erect shrub to 3m. Large dark red flowers in spring and summer. Most soils. Full sun. Tolerates lime, dryness and waterlogging.
Callistemon viminalis                   Weeping Red Bottlebrush Weeping small tree to 5m with attractive light green foliage. Long lasting red brushed in spring. Hardy, will grow in most soils and conditions from very wet to very dry.


Calothamnus quadrifidus                   Blood Red Net Bush WA Native Tall spreading shrub to 2.5m, with silky pine like needles, deep red claw flowers late spring through to the following winter. Light well drained soils. Tolerates drought, lime, frost and pollution.
Calothamnus rupestris                        Net Bush  WA Native Medium dense shrub to 2m with pine like foliage, pinkish-red claw flowers along branches in spring. Light to medium well drained soils. Tolerates drought, frost and salty coastal wind.
Calothamnus sanguineous WA Native Tall spreading shrub to 2.5m. Silky grey pine like needles, deep red claw flowers late spring through to the following winter. Light well drained soils. Tolerates drought, lime, frost and pollution.
Casuarina cunninghamiana                River Sheoak Fast growing tall tree. Slender graceful branches with drooping habit. Tolerates wetness, dryness, lime, salt soils, smog and frost. Specimen or screening tree, erosion control.
Casuarina glauca/obesa                Swamp Sheoak WA Native Fast growing, tall spreading tree to 20m. Dark green ornamental foliage. Thrives in wet coastal conditions. Adaptable to most soils and will withstand dry conditions. Frost resistant. Soil and sand binder.


Chorizema cordatum                         Coral Flame Pea WA Native Small shrub to 1m. Red and orange pea flowers in spring. Well drained soils Part shade or full sun
Chorizema illicifolium  WA Native Small shrub less than 1m. Yellow orange red flowers Jul to Oct. Sandy soils, limestone.
Conostylis candicans                     Cotton Heads WA Native Dense grassy clump 60x60cm. Soft grey foliage, showy yellow flowers in dense heads winter and spring. Well drained soils. Understorey.
Daviesia cordata                              Book Leaf WA Native Erect slender shrub 1 to 2m. Yellow red pea flowers Jul to Jan. Well drained lateritic or granitic soils.
Dodonaea viscosa                            Hop Bush WA Native Fast growing, hardy medium to tall ornamental shrub. Large hop like fruit turning deep red. Well drained position.Tolerates wind, some coastal exposure and frosts. Ideal windbreak or privacy screen.

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