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Tintuppa Nursery 2018 Catalogue

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Allocasuarina verticulata                                         Rounded tree to 10m, ornamental, windbreak.     Pollen
Banksia grandis and littoralia                                  Trees to 6m, large flowers                                     High nectar
Callistemon species                                                  Small to large shrubs                                            High pollen and nectar  
Dodonea viscos                                                         Medium to large shrub, fast growing                   Pollen and nectar
Eucalyptus species                                                    Flowering throughout the year                             Nectar
Grevillea robusta                                                       Large tree                                                             Pollen and nectar
Hakea species                                                            Small shrubs to trees                                            Pollen and nectar
Leptospermum species  Manuka and Jelly Bush       Medium shrubs                                                    High quality nectar
Melaleuca species                                                      Small shrubs to trees, all year flowering              Pollen and nectar

Hope this small chart is helpful to beekeepers in Western Australia

It is a selection of plants grown in the nursery

Many native plants, herbs and exotics which are not listed are very good

Flowering times will vary depending on your location and seasonal changes

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